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10 Ways to study Russian for FREE with RussianPod101

Learning Russian with RussianPod101 is fun, easy and effective. Check out these 10 ways you too can learn Russian for FREE!

1 Russian Word Of The Day
Learn one new Russian word every day. This is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule:
The Daily Dose of Russian App
Get a QUICK daily new lesson covering phrases, slang, culture and more. Learn Russian in just minutes a day, every day:
3  Russian Core 100 Word List
Learn the 100 must-know Russian words, from reading and speaking to perfecting your pronunciation. Perfect for beginners:
4  Vocabulary Lists
Our lists are based on holidays, current events and all-around useful topics. Access any list and review with definitions, sample sentences and audio pronunciation:
5  RussianPod101 Dictionary
Have you come across a word you don’t know? Look it up in the RussianPod101 dictionary:
6  Get our newest lessons
Our lessons are made by real Russian teachers and are free for 3 weeks after publishing:
7  Get a free 7-Day Premium Trial at RussianPod101!
Explore the complete learning system with a free 7-Day Premium Trial. That’s access to ALL lessons, lesson notes, study tools and more:
8  Get the first 3 lessons of every Russian series for free!
Explore every unique audio and video lesson series on RussianPod101. Access the first 3 lessons of every series for free:
9  Download the Free Mobile App to learn Russian on the go.
All of our lessons, lesson notes and premium tools are available on your smartphone or mobile device:
10  Download our free Russian eBooks and Audiobooks!
Improve your Russian by downloading our free Russian eBooks and Audiobooks:

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