How to Crack Full Stack Developer Interview?

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  1. The first question: Tell me something about yourself?

Here is a little insight into this question – it’s actually a warm up question for the interviewer! When you are answering, the interviewer is most likely preparing himself/herself for the next set of questions to ask you, based on what you are answering. This is the case especially when the interviewer does not have a list of questions ready in his/her hand. When answering, give a short description about yourself like where you are from etc. When talking about education, make sure you mention any vocational courses that you may have taken, this usually springs interest immediately. Do include projects that you have worked on (in a course or in your previous companies, in case you are not a fresher). When answering confidently, your goal should also be to get familiar with the situation and the interviewer.

  1. Talk about your skill set

A full stack developer is sure to have a lot to talk about here. There are many technologies and programming languages today, pick one from each category that you are strongest at.

Client side technologies: Javascript, CSS, jQuery, HTML, SAAS

Client Side framework: AngularJS, BackboneJS, ember.js, React, Metoe, Polymer

You need not worry your head with all the javascript frameworks available in the market. Just have a good command over one or two of them and you are good to face the interview. It takes less than two days to understand a new framework.

Server Side Technologies: Web API, Java API, Entity framework, ruby and rails, MVC, WCF, Python, node.js are some server side technologies. You need to be either a part of Java family or .Net family or completely the latest JavaScript and Node.js server side. The main role of a developer in the server side is to develop Web APIs that provide data to client application. Therefore, having a strong command in at least one of the technologies in order to develop the API is essential.

Database: MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, POstgreSQL etc.

Hadoop is a good non relational database technology to learn up. But one must have knowledge of alteast one Relational data base.

Knowing business technologies like Talend, R language is not mandatory but it surely helps!

  1. What are your previous applications: As an experienced developer, make sure you mention the technologies you have worked on along with the name of the project and functionalities your coding performed. If you are a fresher, write about your project work in detail, mentioning the technologies that you worked on. Do mention team size, duration and requirements of the project. Internships are a great plus point to your resume, so make sure you talk about them.


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